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Piccolo Spoleto 2015 at PURE Theatre

Check out PURE’s 3 acclaimed solo shows during Piccolo Spoleto 2015!


Fresh from its critically acclaimed, international debut, PURE co-founder Rodney Lee Rogers stars in this one-man tour de force. Sic Semper Tyrannis is a breathtaking and explosive portrait of Edwin Booth, one of the most brilliant theatrical artists in history, arguably the greatest American actor of the 19th century, and the older brother and artistic rival of Lincoln’s assassin, John Wilkes Booth. Produced by PURE Theatre | Venue: PURE Theatre | Address: 477 King Street | Admission: $26


A lyrical and human portrait of a mother still awash in her grief and trying to come to terms with the meteoric rise to fame and devastating and complex loss of her son. PURE co-founder, artistic director and PURE core ensemble member Sharon Graci stars in the Piccolo Spoleto’s reprisal of this Tony and Drama Desk Award nominee for Best Play. Produced by PURE Theatre | Venue: PURE Theatre | Address: 477 King Street | Admission: $26


In Nilaja Sun’s remarkable, often riotously funny solo show, PURE core ensemble member Joy Vandervort-Cobb tackles more than 16 characters as a new drama teacher in a chaotic Bronx classroom of 10th graders. Based on the playwright’s first-hand experiences in some of New York City’s toughest schools, No Child is a lightning-paced, buoyant play “tethered by the cold, sobering realities of life” (The New York Times). Produced by PURE Theatre | Venue: PURE Theatre | Address: 477 King Street | Admission: $26

And please welcome these 3 fine shows to PURE:


Miniature Curiosa returns to PURE Theatre following their Charleston debut with Tonight A Clown Will Travel Time (2014 Piccolo Spoleto Festival). Loosely based on the life of amusement park revolutionary Frederick Ingersoll, Moon City follows Ingersoll’s obsessive endeavor to create an impossible wonderland in the untamed swamp. This two-person performance promises puppets, a thousand light bulbs, and of course, an entire amusement park in less than ten feet of space. A dramatic experience you have to see to believe, ripe with cunning feats of ingenuity, absurd leaps of imagination, and an underlying faith in the earnest simplicity of the human spirit. May 29 at 8 pm / May 30 at 2 pm / May 31 at 7 pm | Produced by Miniature Curiosa | Venue: PURE Theatre | Address: 477 King Street | Admission: $15



This critically acclaimed one-man show features Randy Noojin presenting the music and art of Woody Guthrie. Hop a boxcar through the Dustbowl with America’s iconic saint-of-the-workingman. The show takes place at a fictional union meeting of striking mine workers where Woody might have played, and has toured to great response all over the US and Canada and to Edinburgh, Scotland. May 27, 28, 30 at 8 pm / May 29 at 2 pm | Produced by Randy Noojin | Venue: PURE Theatre | Address: 477 King Street | Admission: $26



A young man, facing a crisis of the modern age, inherits his great aunt’s journals and discovers that she was a WWII aviatrix. After reliving her incredible journey as a female airline pilot, he finds solace in his own life. This solo show is written and performed by New York City-based writer Peter Neofotis, who returns to Piccolo Spoleto following his 2014 debut with Two Tales from Concord, Virginia. May 22, 23 at 7 pm / May 24 at 4 pm | Produced By Peter Neofotis | Venue: PURE Theatre | Address: 477 King Street | Admission: $15